Dreamy Chocolate Delights

DSCI1727Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to say “I love you” to your special person than by giving them chocolate treats crafted by your very own fair hands?


Makes 8

150g plain dark chocolate (minimum 70% cocoa)

12 apricots, chopped into small pieces

4 dark chocolate covered digestive biscuits, broken into small pieces

2 egg whites

15g of milk chocolate

Dawn: My! How I’m looking forward to these dark, handsome devils!


  • Line a baking sheet with greaseproof paper.

Dawn: I used a baking sheet 6″ x 8″ in size but you can use any size. You will find that the mixture doesn’t completely fill the baking sheet and that’s fine.

  • Using an ovenproof pudding basin, place it over a small saucepan with boiling water in the bottom making sure the pudding basin is suspended above the water and doesn’t touch it. Break the plain dark chocolate into the pudding basin and allow it to melt. Stir the melting chocolate once or twice to enable it all to melt and form a lovely runny consistency.
  • When the chocolate has completely melted, remove from the heat and set aside placing the pudding basin on a tea-towel rather than direct onto a cold kitchen work surface which could result in the basin cracking or shattering. Put the chopped apricots and broken digestive biscuits into the melted chocolate and mix together.
  • In a seperate mixing bowl, put the egg whites and whisk with an electric hand blender until they have turned opaque white in colour and can form peaks.

Dawn: This is the basis of the Magical Meringues recipe which is here: http://wp.me/p3lk3r-4c and it’s worth pointing out that any dried fruit can be used: currants, sultanas, figs, dates, glacé cherries, etc. About 25g or 50g of one of these, depending upon whether you like a hint of fruit or prefer an explosion of juiciness: the choice is yours. 

  • Gently, fold the egg whites into the chocolate mixture until they are combined together and the egg whites are now part of the plain dark chocolate.
  • Carefully spoon out the chocolate mixture onto the lined baking sheet by starting in one corner, spreading the mixture into the corresponding, adjacent corner and then further out along the baking tray. You won’t fill the tray with the chocolate-y yumminess and that’s fine.
  • Now place in the fridge to chill for 2 hours. Store in an airtight container until required.

Dawn: As I lick my lips, removing the chocolate crumbs evidence! You can either put these in some clear, cellophane gift wrap, tied with a ribbon bow (similar to what you’d find at a florist’s shop) or place in a pretty little gift box, lined with tissue paper to give to your loved one on Valentine’s Day. Spreading the love!

For more easy-to-follow recipes, main meals on a shoestring budget and mouth-watering treats, simply follow this blog – www.forfoodlovers.wordpress.com – and the Twitter feed @Love_Food_UK. See you over there, chocolate romantics! 

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