How to Cook Eggs Over-Easy


This is a typically American breakfast dish but we were never quite sure what it meant. Were you? (unless you are one of our US readers of course)

Andrew: A friend of mine asked for these in New York to impress a waitress. It didn’t work! 

Dawn: Probably because she has heard every British tourist do the same thing! So, how do we do these then.


Serves 1

One large egg

Butter for frying

Dawn: Butter? Isn’t this going to be very high in fat?

Andrew: It will be a little but this will give you the authentic American taste. After all a little bit of what you fancy …

 Dawn:  … does you good! I know the drill.


  • Place your non-stick frying pan over a hot flame.
  • Add a cube of butter. Allow to bubble.
  • Crack your egg carefully, and pour into the butter, keeping the yolk whole.
  • Ensuring the pan is hot enough will give a nice shape to the egg.
  • After a couple of minutes, slide a spatula under the egg to make sure it isn’t sticking, then tilt the pan and allow the egg to slide onto the spatula.
  • Carefully flip the egg over. Allow to cook for a further 15-20 seconds, then tilt the pan again, allow the egg to slide back onto the spatula.
  • Carefully flip over onto your warmed plate and serve.

Andrew: Perfect with grilled bacon!

Dawn: Impressed!

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One thought on “How to Cook Eggs Over-Easy

  1. Dawn: “Butter? Isn’t this going to be very high in fat?”
    Me: “i don’t mind for a perfect egg. 😀 :D”

    This is absolutely perfect with grilled bacon. Super love this recipe :).

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