Sweet Potato Cakes


We love sweet potatoes in the Love Food kitchen, and this was an experiment, based on traditional potato cakes and rosti.

Dawn: All excellent accompaniments. These have wonderful colour. Is that leek that I spy there?

Andrew: You can see it there, and there is a little red onion too.


Makes 4

One large sweet potato

One leek

Half a red onion

One egg to bind (optional)


  • Grate the sweet potato, or put through the food processor.
  • Either finely chop or grate the leek and red onion
  • Place all the vegetables in a bowl and leave for half an hour.
  • A lot of liquid will come out of the sweet potato. Drain will, and squeeze out in some kitchen towel.
  • Return to the bowl, mix in the egg if using and season with salt and pepper.
  • Take a handful, shape into a ball between floured hands and press down so about 1.5-2 cm thick.
  • Repeat with all of the mix.
  • Heat a large pan, add a little olive oil and fry for 5-7 minutes on each side. Turn carefully so they don’t break up.
  • Serve immediately.

Andrew: These are excellent with any meat dish or with a salad are a filling lunch.

Dawn: And if you vary your seasonings, such as garlic or chilli, you can give a real kick to the cakes!

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