Easy, Peasy Baked Apple

DSCI2054Looking for a super easy pudding that’s both nutritious and filling? Then look no further: Easy, Peasy Baked Apple is just the thing!


Serves 4

4 large sized eating apples

4 tsps honey

40g currants or sultanas

Dawn: Mmm..served with fresh cream…whipped…

Andrew: Or ready-made custard…or even decadent homemade custard!

Dawn: Or ice cream…dribbled over the apple so it’s running down the sides…

Andrew: Licks lips! 


  • Wash and de-core each apple.

Dawn: De-coring is simple – just take a sharp knife (a paring knife works well here but any sharp knife will do) and ‘draw’ a circle around the top of the apple with the knife. Now slowly work the knife down the apple, running the blade along the circle until the blade reaches the other side of the apple. 

  • Scoop out the seeds and fill the space that’s now become visible with currants or sultanas. Spoon in the honey, into each currant-filled inner.
  • Pop on a non-stick baking tray and place in a pre-heated oven at gas mark 4, 180°C electric.
  • Bake for 40-45 minutes until the apple’s skin is soft-looking and it is oozing it’s juices.
  • Serve warm with a topping of your choice.

Dawn: And that, folks, is all!

Andrew: Can’t wait for the next pud moment, Dawn!

Dawn: Everything in moderation, Andrew. We can all enjoy good food on a budget and not add inches to our waistlines. And that, Mr C is a #FACT!

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American Deli-Style Sandwich

20140218_143020Remember those limp sandwiches from your school days?  A bit of fish paste? Tomato that had soaked your bread overnight and fell apart in your hands, inadvertently ruining your Club biscuit in the process! The American Deli has changed all that! Here is a meal in itself.

Dawn: It looks well laden to me!

Andrew: Sure does! Salad, meat, colour and flavour to spare.


Serves 2

4 slices of bread of your choice, buttered

6 mini chicken fillets

A good handful of rocket

One large tomato, cut into 1/2 cm slices

One red onion cut into rings

Salt, pepper and vinegar to season

Mayonnaise or pesto sauce for flavour

Your choice of pickles


  • In a large frying pan, heat a teaspoon of olive oil and fry the mini fillets on a medium heat for 5 minutes on each side until golden on both sides. Check they are thoroughly cooked.
  • Spread a little pesto on the lower slice of bread and some mayonnaise on the upper slice.
  • Assemble the sandwich by placing rocket leaves on the bottom slice of bread.
  • Next, place the chicken on top, three per sandwich.
  • Top with tomato slices, rings of raw red onion, and season to taste.
  • Place your top slice of bread onto the small mountain of ingredients and slice in two at an angle, exposing the colours and textures inside.
  • Serve with pickles of your choice, and fries, or sweet potato wedges for a healthier option.

Dawn: That is a very filling lunch Andrew.

Andrew: It is Dawn, and a perfect lunch for a busy worker to keep them going all afternoon.

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How to Cook Eggs Over-Easy


This is a typically American breakfast dish but we were never quite sure what it meant. Were you? (unless you are one of our US readers of course)

Andrew: A friend of mine asked for these in New York to impress a waitress. It didn’t work! 

Dawn: Probably because she has heard every British tourist do the same thing! So, how do we do these then.


Serves 1

One large egg

Butter for frying

Dawn: Butter? Isn’t this going to be very high in fat?

Andrew: It will be a little but this will give you the authentic American taste. After all a little bit of what you fancy …

 Dawn:  … does you good! I know the drill.


  • Place your non-stick frying pan over a hot flame.
  • Add a cube of butter. Allow to bubble.
  • Crack your egg carefully, and pour into the butter, keeping the yolk whole.
  • Ensuring the pan is hot enough will give a nice shape to the egg.
  • After a couple of minutes, slide a spatula under the egg to make sure it isn’t sticking, then tilt the pan and allow the egg to slide onto the spatula.
  • Carefully flip the egg over. Allow to cook for a further 15-20 seconds, then tilt the pan again, allow the egg to slide back onto the spatula.
  • Carefully flip over onto your warmed plate and serve.

Andrew: Perfect with grilled bacon!

Dawn: Impressed!

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