Tricolore Salad


Simple, fresh, tasty. A wonderful starter, or an excellent main course, particularly for anyone counting the pounds!

Dawn: It looks like the Italian flag!

Andrew: That is the idea! Wonderful, isn’t it?

Dawn: This is great for one person, or a family, or a dinner party. Just scale up the ingredients.


Serves 2

1 ripe but reasonably firm avocado

1 or 2 large mozzarella balls

2 large ripe vine tomatoes

Salt and pepper

Olive oil

Vinegar – red wine vinegar or balsalmic works best here


  • Halve the avocado, then ease the stone out with a teaspoon.
  • Carefully peel the skin from each half (it should come away in your fingers) and slice lengthways into 1/2 cm slices.
  • Cut the mozzarella and the tomato into 1/2 cm slices also.
  • Arrange the tomato slices on your serving plate. Drizzle over a little vinegar of your choice, some olive oil, and season well with freshly ground salt and black pepper.
  • Then arrange the avocado and mozzarella as shown, and serve.

Dawn: For those not keen on avocado, replacing it with rocket will make a tasty alternative.

Andrew: And that will make the colours even more like the Italian Flag!

Dawn: The devil is in the detail!!

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