How to Make Cheese on Toast

Bringing you the skill of making nourishing quick-feast cheese on toast from Love Food’s “How to Make” range.



Serves 2

2 medium wholemeal slices of bread from a standard size loaf OR 4 small slices from a small loaf

A little low fat spread (optional)

50g cheese grated (of your preference)

2 tsp mustard (of your preference)

2 splashes of Worcester sauce

1/2 tsp fat free or very low fat natural yoghurt

Dawn: I adore cheese on toast! Whether it’s a quick Saturday lunchtime meal you’re after before heading off to do what you have lined up to do or simply a treat eaten snuggled up, cheese on toast is heavenly and moreish. It’s a firm favourite on a cold winter’s night as a quick, ‘feel good’ supper and proves itself to be a real ‘comfort food’ snack to cuddle up with any time of the year, too. 


  • Light the oven grill to a medium heat. Place the bread on the wire rack and grill lightly on both sides, keeping a watchful eye on this so neither side of the bread burns. When one side is the golden brown you like, simply turn the bread over and grill the other side until that, too, is the golden brown colour you like.
  • While the bread is toasting under the grill, place the grated cheese, mustard, Worcester sauce and yoghurt in a small basin, and roughly mix together.

Dawn: I’ve used dijon mustard here but you can use whatever you have in at home. In fact, if you haven’t any mustard or Worcester sauce in your kitchen cupboards, then the cheese and yoghurt will be a tasty treat, too. I’ve also been known to add a spoon of pickle to the cheese that I’ve just happened to find ‘hiding’ in the fridge and adding such makes a tangy alternative to mustard, too.

  • When the bread is toasted on both sides, remove from the grill rack and spread the cheese mixture equally and even over the bread slices.
  • Return the bread to the rack and place under the medium heat grill. Grill until the cheese has melted and bubbles start to appear in it. Be careful not to leave the grill unattended as it’s very easy and quick to burn the cheese.
  • Serve on warm plates.

Dawn: A simple, easy and tasty lunch or supper that we can all make at home for a few pence. Happy toasting!

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