How to Test for the Setting Point of Jam

How to Test the Setting Point of Jam

One of two methods can be used. Either:

Stir the jam and insert a jam preserving thermometer into the of the saucepan. The temperature needs to read 105ºC or 221ºF to achieve setting.

It’s worth noting that some fruits may need a higher or lesser setting point so it’s advisable to carry out the ‘saucer test’.

How to Test the Setting Point of Jam using the Saucer Test

Put a small amount of jam on a cold saucer. Allow it to cool and with a clean finger, push your finger through the jam. If the surface of the jam wrinkles, then it has reached setting point. Make sure you remove the saucepan from the heat while your are carrying out the saucer test so that the temperature doesn’t rise higher and the jam becomes over boiled, which weakens the setting point.

Put a saucer in the fridge for a few minutes prior to undertaking this test.

How to Test the Setting Point of Jam using the Flake Test

Lift some jam from the saucepan using a wooden spoon, allowing it to cool slightly before dropping the jam back in the saucepan. If the jam has been boiled for long enough, drops of jam will run together along the edge of the spoon and form flakes which will break off sharply.

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