Happy 2015, fellow foodies!

Happy 2015!


Belated greetings from @Love_Food_UK‘s HQ…my oh my oh my! Where have the last nine days flown to? Thank you for your continued support and interest throughout the past year. Here at HQ, there’s been some changes and lots of new things to come too so please keep following and reading.

There will be some major announcements in the coming weeks which I’m sure you’ll find interesting and that I hope you’ll benefit from…food is, after all, not merely fuel to stoke up our physical energy levels but THE essential method of ‘feeding’ our souls, fellow foodies.

There’ll be more cheap, tasty and oh so easy to make mouthwateringly delicious dishes to tantalise your tastebuds…more new foodie stuff, too…so keep watching this space and all will be revealed very soon!

So, here’s to a very happy, joyful and foodie-filled year ahead to each and everyone one of you!


For more recipes from the Cooking Dynamo, follow @Love_Food_UK on Twitter and follow this blog www.forfoodlovers.wordpress.com. You’ll also find us on Mumsnet Bloggers Network and Foodies100…oh, and did I mention Facebook at www.facebook.com/lovefood.forfoodlovers? See you there for more fab recipes, food chat and exciting new developments at Love Food HQ!


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