Happy Easter!

Hop..hop……hop………shhh! The Easter Bunny is in town and has come to visit with a host of decadent chocolate treats for all!

easter eggs

Easter marks the end of Lent, a period of 40 days fasting and a time that symbolises rebirth and new life.

Oh, how I love this time of year: Spring…my most favourite season of all…after Winter’s wanton, cold stark baroness has cast off his grey, heavy and laborious overcoat that bought its demise to all that life had to offer…Spring gently breathes her warm and soft breath over all that lies before her, tantalisingly kissing life into the habitually dormant and cold semblances of once-alive flora and fauna…

Easter eggs date back to the early 1800s and remain an ever popular expression of the joy and celebration of this special time.

Don’t forget they are a treat and offer very little nutritional value so think about building in a long Sunday walk or a bike ride to burn off those extra calories or conjure up a creative Easter Egg Trail in your very own back garden…hiding those wee Easter eggs where only the wondrous fairies, dancing and a-prancing under their dark emerald green umbrella canopies, fanning their translucent, glistening wings in a show of pure magic know where you’ve hidden the treasure trove…

or simply spread eating them across a number of days so you don’t over indulge*.

Whatever you decide, have a EGG-tra (get it?) special beautiful Springtime and sunshine filled Easter.

* Come close…let me whisper…shhh…I like the fairies knowing your secret! ;O)

Indulgently, Easter best wishes and good fortune to you all,


And don’t forget that eggs are a great form of protein and can be boiled, poached and scrambled along with a host of other ways of incorporating them into our diets, healthily. 

For easy to make and simple to follow recipes, then follow this blog at www.forfoodlovers.wordpress.com and hop over (get it? Easter Bunny…hop…?) at Twitter @Love_Food_UK. The Cooking Whiz is also on Mumsnet and Facebook.

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