24 Little Hours

What a difference a day makes

…24 little hours…

Countdown1As the “witching hour” fast approaches here in the UK, excitement is building at the Love Food HQ!


All will be revealed…in…wait for it…

24 little hours!

Stay tuned, fellow foodies!

In the last few moments as anticipation mounts and excitement builds, while you await those agonising 24 little hours…find easy-to-make recipes at www.forfoodlovers.wordpress.com and make sure you follow Love Food either via this blog by a click of the “Follow” button or via email (your email address is safe and we take privacy very seriously), or at Twitter for daily doses of food insights, inspirational ideas and thoughts…oh…and the odd cat photo or two @Love_Food_UK! Love Food are also on  Facebook and Mumsnet, too. And let us know what you cook and how it goes, please: we love to hear from you.

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