Celebrating Food With Our New Cook Book!

Love Food presents its first cook book for sale on AmazonTrumpets sound like a choir of singing angels…the deep red carpet glistens resembling a star encrusted prussian blue night sky with the luminosity of a million camera flashes simultaneously erupting…multi-coloured jewel-like fireworks herald the BIG announcement…as the new book on the book shelves moves into this library town…all twinkling and glistening new…with new recipe ideas for the home cook, amateur chef and complete newbie to the kitchen…

…yes, fellow foodies Love Food are proud to announce what’s been kept under wraps for ages…and ages…and ages…

FoodToLoveCookBook“Food to Love Cook Book: From dawn ’til dusk recipes” is available on Amazon now at http://goo.gl/8vXzi3

Enjoy, fellow foodies!



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