Sprouts: Without the Surprises!

#Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without our green friends: #sprouts!

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Sprouts! They are as traditional as Morecambe and Wise, humorous socks and granny falling asleep after one too many sweet sherries. We all have memories of bullet hard offerings, or overcooked soggy and slightly brown servings with little texture.

A little variety, flavour and attention however restores some faith in this much maligned, but quintessentially British vegetable.


To serve 4

6-8 Brussels sprouts per person

1 clove of garlic (optional)

1 shallot or 3-4 spring onions

1oog cubetti pancetta or streaky bacon

Olive oil

Salt and pepper

Splash of dry white wine

Dawn: I am intrigued! Do, pray, tell more, Andrew!

Andrew: It is actually far easier than all that tedious cutting in crosses that some people do. 


  • Chop the shallot or spring onion very finely and fry on a low heat in a little olive oil in a frying pan for one minute.
  • Add the garlic (optional)…

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Traditional Roast Turkey

Worried about cooking #ChristmasDay’s #turkey? We give you an easy-to-follow #recipe here. Enjoy! And Merry Christmas one and all!

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Dawn: Christmas Dinner! Don’t you just love it!?!

Andrew: Absolutely! The most important meal of the year, isn’t it Dawn?

Dawn: It is, but there are so many horror stories about the whole thing,

Andrew: What a shame that is. However, I believe that there is too much panic about Christmas Dinner. Turkey is delicious, low in fat, wonderful in flavour and equally tasty hot or cold.

Dawn: Do you prefer fresh or frozen, Andrew?

Andrew: I do prefer fresh. I go to the same butcher each year. He buys the entire stock from a farm in Norfolk, and has done since 1972! I know that my turkey this year has been organically fed and running around happily until a couple of weeks ago. I do know that some people will buy a frozen one. My parents do. Frozen turkeys can be just as tasty and flavoursome as a fresh…

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Perfected Recipe

@andrew_cowley23 On #internationalteaday a funny for all you fellow #foodies – Perfected Recipe involving a wee drop of the golden nectar & a giggle

Love Food! Food, Fun & Friends

Dawn: “Today, fellow foodies, I bring you a ‘funny’ post…funny, because it sure made me giggle this morning! Yes, I know…it’s the simple things in Life!!!

So without further a-do, here it is…offered up by yours and my all-time-favourite contributor to this here little old food blog….drum roll, please….red carpet…cameras’ flashes…

…I give you no other than my esteemed fellow foodie, chef supreme and all-round-good egg (no pun intended…well…perhaps a smidge of one)…the great, the glorious, the taste buds-alight recipe wizard himself…Andrew!”

Andrew enters to deafening applause…and takes a bow…and another…and one more…

Dawn: “Enough! Cut!” As I make a cutting action with my hand.

Andrew: “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Dahlings…I’m overwhelmed!!!” As he takes another bow.

Dawn: “I sure can feel a ‘Morecombe and Wise’ moment coming on here, Andrew!”

Andrew: “Shucks…sussed again!” as Andrew winks with mirth spread all across his face. 

Dawn: “OK, ‘Star…

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