Cooking For Everyone – Affordable, Healthy and Easy-to-Do!


For Food Lovers – turning your everyday kitchen cupboard staples and pantry favourites into delicious dishes that everyone can make at home. From mouth-wateringly simple dishes for one to tasty treats for two, family favourites to dinner delights along with eat-in, eat-out experiences for all to share and loving our leftovers, there’s something for everyone in our exciting and ever-changing

“Love Food: Food, Fun and Friends”

Welcome fellow foodies!

At Love Food UK the goal is simple: whether you know your teaspoon from your dessertspoon, your kilogram from your ounce, have no experience in the kitchen or leave it to others because you feel you can’t cook – it matters not.

The aim is simple: good, nutritious, healthy – with the occasional treat – and inexpensive recipes offering something for everyone’s taste and pocket.

I hope you will follow my culinary adventures on Twitter @Love_Food_UK

Hi, I’m Dawn – aka Ms Love Food!

I’m bringing you my exciting food ideas for all those in Love with Food: whether you like cooking it, growing it, eating it or simply shopping for it.

Here I will share my love of good cuisine through recipes of my own, some I’ve picked up along the way which have tantalized my taste buds, others I’ve added my ‘take’ on – sometimes deliberate, sometimes by luck – along with good, old familiar and traditional classics. All making meal times an experience to be savoured. Yep: pun intended! :O)

Whether you’re looking for family meals, budget fare, dinner party menus, a romantic supper for two or a satisfying meal for one, let me help whet your appetite with some of my flavoursome dishes and delights.

My cooking philosophy throughout is simple: good, honest food, prepared with care from fresh ingredients whenever and wherever possible – with definitely no additives. Growing through the seasons, you’ll find dishes and recipes made sometimes from fare I may have foraged the hedgerows and fields for, sometimes from food I may have turned my green fingers to, often from bought ingredients with frequent looks at health conscious options plus the  decadent ‘occasional’ scrumptious treats, too.

Why Love Food UK? Dawn sheds light on how it came to be: “I was inspired to start Love Food after numerous social media conversations and food tips along the way…and hey presto! The idea became reality.

I love to share my passion of cooking – whether that’s my experimenting with ingredients I just so happen to have in the cupbaords and fridge, or to finding tasty bargains hidden away among the super saver shops and bargain coves, making the most of my foodie purchases is my aim. I hate waste! And I work with food so as to eat everything rather than throw anything away. My website is the natural outcome of my food passion and appreciation of that that not only fuels our bodies but that which feeds our souls. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy compiling it. 

I’m not a professional chef, simply an enthusiastic amateur foodie and home taught cook who loves food. Think “Nigella” but not in jeans, a flick of mane with cheeky smile and a love of high heels!

But this isn’t just about me. It’s about you: so try my recipes and let me know about your culinary adventures”.

Dawn introduces her Love of Food website: ‘It’s Official! I love food! From making it, to rummaging in hedgerows for it to sampling delicacies at farmers’ markets and food festivals, bringing my taste buds to life is important to me and whether it’s a basic risotto dish to something ‘extra special’, I have a passion for good food. My skills lie in an innate ability to turn whatever is to hand into something great to eat. Whether that’s quick and easy to a real going-to-town treat, I love to share my food tips, recipes – and cat pictures! Now, I’m looking forward to sharing my everyday cooking experiences with you. For me, food is all about feeding our souls! Let the feast commence!

Foodie love,

Dawn x”.

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    • Dearest Yuna…we are so very pleased and immensely thrilled to accept this Liebster Award!!! Thank you so very much!!! Thrilled and very humbled at the same time as we know this esteemed and coveted award is very cherished in the blogging world. Thank you so very, very, very much.

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