Homemade Hummus


Hummus! Houmous! Hummous! Hommos! Humos! Hommus! Hoummos!

Dawn: Is this a spelling test?

Andrew: I’m saying nothing! Which ever way you spell it, this is a cheap and healthy addition to any lunchbox or as  hors d’ouevres at a dinner party.

Dawn: It is a staple of Middle Eastern cuisine, and once you have made this you will never go back to the shop bought variety again. You can tweak this to your own taste, too.


400g can of chickpeas (or equivalent weight soaked and cooked)

1 tbsp tahini paste

1-2 tbsp olive oil (adjust according to taste)

1 clove of garlic, chopped

Juice of 1/2 a lemon (adjust according to taste)

Dawn: Soak your own chickpeas overnight and then cook them as set out in our “How to Rehydrate Dried Chick Peas” recipe at https://forfoodlovers.wordpress.com/2014/01/18/how-to-rehydrate-dried-chick-peas/. They quite literally are so easy to do and work out so much cheaper than buying tins. 

Andrew: Once prepared, this is such an easy dish to make that it is a really good starting point for children who want to cook good food. 


  • Place all your ingredients in a food processor and blitz or pulse until the hummus reaches your preferred texture.

Dawn: Is that it? Insert your own actress/bishop line here!

Andrew: As if I would!

Dawn: You would!

Andrew: I would! Will! But will refrain!

Dawn: Humour aside, this can be served immediately with warm pitta, breadsticks, celery or carrot batons. I also like to add a clove of crushed garlic from time to time when I make this dish. 

Andrew: You can also do your own variations, simply adding roasted pepper, sundried tomato or coriander would make interesting flavour options. Just blitz them in the food processor when the hummus is done. 

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