Brilliant Breakfast Muffins


We all need a decent breakfast, but if you are in a busy profession, such as teaching, you don’t always have the time to prepare one. So please take advantage of those weekends and holidays to recharge those batteries.

Dawn: Breakfasts need not be complicated, and these simple egg based ideas, like others we have featured this week can really set you up for the day ahead in terms of zapping hunger, maintaining a good metabolism and performing well.

Andrew: Eggs are high in nutritional value, and are an affordable way to feed a family or an individual. Scale up the ingredients to feed the numbers you have to fill up!


Serves 1

1 muffin

1-2 eggs (depending on hunger)

Salt and pepper to season

Oil or butter for frying



Dawn: Very pleasant, very filing and surprisingly easy!

Andrew: And something else surprising Dawn. This is our 100th recipe. A hundred before lunch!

Dawn: Pardon?

Andrew: It is a cricketing term! It is a good thing!

Dawn: I’ll take your word for it. 

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