How to Knead Bread Dough

DSCI2665Our “How to Make Bread” recipe really does knead – get it? – the know-how on how to knead it so we’re setting out a few simple steps here for you to get to know how to work those magical few ingredients that make such a staple cupboard necessity for many.

Tips on Making the Dough

When making the dough, try to warm the bowl to speed up the process.

Measure all the ingredients – don’t guess the weights! You’re unlikely to guess correctly.

Add the yeast liquid to the dry ingredients using a wooden spoon or fork until they are blended together.

Work the dough until all the ingredients are combined, the dough is smooth in appearance and leaves the sides of the bowl clean.

Kneading the Dough

This is the essential part of making bread. Kneading strengthens the gluten in the flour, making the dough elastic-like in texture and enables the dough to rise more easily.

Turn the dough out onto a flour-dusted work surface and knead it by folding it towards you then quickly and firmly pushing it down and away from you with the heel of your hand. Give the dough a quarter turn and continue kneading in the same way as described kneading towards you and then pushing the dough from you for about 10 minutes until it is firm, elastic and non-sticky.DSCI2644


Once kneaded, the dough is ready for rising. Place in a bowl and cover the bowl with cling film.

Rising times may vary with temperature. Allow 1.5 – 2 hours at room temperature for the dough to rise. It should be double in size and the risen dough should spring back to its original shape when gently pressed with a floured finger.

The dough’s rising time can be quickened by placing it in a warm place such as an airing cupboard or on top of a radiator for about 45-60 minutes until it is twice its original size.

A second, short 2 – 3 minutes kneading and then shape, pop onto a baking tray and put in the oven.

Our recipe for bread is in our “How to Make” series and is found here, at “How to Make Bread”

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