Perfect Pancakes

Pancakes are so filling and so very easy to make – ditch buying packet mixes and opt to make your own, tasty and flavoursome creations for eating breakfast, noon and night!

Andrew: I’m looking forward to tucking into them!


Serves 1 generously or 2 small portions

1 tsp of cooking oil

55g of frozen mixed berries

55g of plain flour, sifted

25g of sugar

1 egg

4 tbsp of water

4 tbsp of milk

4 tbsp of low fat natural yoghurt or reduced fat crème fraiche

1 banana, unpeeled and sliced (or an orange, peeled and segmented, cut into pieces)


15g of flaked almonds

  • Put the frozen mixed berries, 15g of the sugar and the 4 tbsp of water in a small saucepan and gently heat. The mixed berries will slowly thaw and start to release their fruity juices with the water and sugar combining to make a consistency similar to runny jam. While this is happening, stir constantly and start to make the actual pancake batter mixture.
  • Put the flour, remaining sugar, egg, milk into a bowl and mix until the ingredients have combined to make a relatively thick batter.

Andrew: Can I add fresh fruit to the batter mix, Dawn?

Dawn: Yes, and sometimes I do. This recipe tastes great with or without extra fruit so it’s all down to the individual. You can also use fresh fruit to make the fruit sauce topping if you prefer. I like the frozen mixed berries because they’re easy to store in the freezer and the majority of supermarkets stock their own brand that are usually inexpensive. A freezer staple, for me!

  • Put the oil in the frying pan and allow to heat. You’ll start to see the oil bubble and a little heat haze coming off it. When it’s at this point, it’s ready to use. If the oil isn’t hot enough, the pancakes aren’t quite as nice, so wait until the oil is bubbling and hazy before you start to pour the batter mixture in. I spilt the batter into two roughly equal portions or it will easily make three smaller sized pancakes. Keep them apart in the frying pan as they cook. They should start to spring up and gain a depth as they cook.

 Andrew: And the pancakes will start to bubble when it’s time to turn them?

Dawn: Yes, that’s right, Andrew: you’ll be able to see when the one side is cooked as the visible side starts to have little ‘air bubbles, holes’ appear.

  • So flip the pancakes, making sure you keep them separate and not touching each other.
  • Check to see if they are golden brown by lifting them a little with your spatula and when both sides have turned a glorious golden brown colour, serve them on a warmed plate.
  • Top the pancakes with sliced banana – I’ve used a juicy orange here or any fruit like fresh pineapple, cut into chunks will be just as delicious. Then spoon some natural yoghurt and the warmed runny mixed berries juices over the pancakes and your preferred sliced fresh fruit. Sprinkle a little cinnamon on top and hey presto! A breakfast to set you up for the day!

Andrew: Quick and easy to make! Mmm…this tastes wonderful!